What to do with kids during lockdown

What to do with kids during lockdown
20 May, 2019

With the spread of Corona virus disease the school, hobby classes and other fun activities for your kids stand cancelled for a long time. This means that the parents spend almost all day with their kids. And trust me, kids need entertained 24/7. They cannot just sit at one place and do absolutely nothing. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here is a list of things that you can do with your kids during the lockdown period.

1. DIY projects

Start with simple DIY projects. You can make simple pen stand with some old cardboard boxes, glue them together and have fun by painting some cool designs. Kids will love how they were able to create an item out of waste.

2. Build a garden

 Plant a seed in some soil and water it daily. Children love the fact that they could actually grow something. Motivate them to plant more saplings and take care of the plants.

3. Quiz games.

Develop some fun quiz, puzzles, and riddles and play them along with your kids. Give them point for each correct answer and do not forget to reward them at the end to keep them motivated and prepare better for the next challenge. This will also help them as they would love to keep in touch with their books in return of points and rewards.

4. Be a chef

This lockdown has brought out a MasterChef in every individual. Why not include our kids. Begin by simple recipes like a simple sandwich or baking a cake. Kids would love the fact that they made something by themselves and would be super proud of themselves.

5. Movie times

Make some popcorn and spend the time with your child watching their favorite Disney movie. They would be so happy with their parents sitting by their side and watching something that they love.

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