Indian fancy dress costume

Indian fancy dress costume
30 September, 2020

The time to dress up your kid for fancy dress is full of excitement and joy. Little kids love to portray their favorite character or someone who inspires them. A fancy dress costume not only makes your child have fun and enjoy but also makes them gain useful knowledge through the theme provided. So if you are wondering what should you dress up your kids as, don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are a few ideas that will help you to select a perfect fancy dress costume for your kid.

Patriotic figure

The most popular fancy dress idea for kids now a day’s in school on Independence Day and Republic Day is becoming an Indian Soldier or an Indian National Leader. You can dress up your child. 

Animal Costume

A fantastic idea for young minds to learn about animal world is by dressing them up as animals. Lion, tiger, giraffe, bear or even a cute butterfly, your little one will love it. 

Frictional Characters

We are sure your little girl loves the gorgeous and phenomenally popular Disney cartoon character- Elsa from frozen. Make sure to dress her up like Elsa and we are sure she would love to be even if for a day.  

Mythological characters

During the festival of Dusehra and Diwali, the costume of King Ram, Rani Sita, and Ravana is very popular. Kanhaiya is the most loved Hindu mythological character is Kanhaiya. Parents love to dress their little munchkin as Krishna Kanhaiya. Krishna’s mischievous behavior in the house and across Mathura made him lovable and adorable. 

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